For many reasons Ireland is an attractive location for firms due to our location on the periphery of Europe, infrastructure such as road, rail, sea, air and information technology, with easy access to both Europe and the US, our membership of the EU in addition to the 12.5%, Ireland’s corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in the world. Finally, Ireland’s educated, young, English-speaking workforce has long made it an attractive location for foreign companies. Ireland has been attracting foreign firms to our shores for decades. With funds in place to specifically attract international start-ups to Ireland from organisations such as Enterprise Ireland and the effects of Brexit there never been a better time to invest in Ireland.

Coupled with the emergence of a take up on remote working in addition to Brexit many firms have been in contact with The HR Suite in respect to moving their business to Ireland.

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Your HR Partner

If you are relocating to Ireland, The HR Suite are the ideal partner for you.

With a team of HR Experts we can help and give you complete assurance in the increasingly complex Irish legislative HR environment that you are fully compliant with statutory requirements, whilst you focus your needs on your business.

Utilising The HR Suite as your HR partner is an investment as your dedicated outsourced HR department, offering advice and support tailored to your specific business needs. We provide thorough concise and customised advice and documentation which can specifically address your concerns. We work with you, or your HR appointed person, to find a resolution to your unique situation.

Why Chose The HR Suite?

Legislative Peace of Mind
Cost Effective
Dedicated Account Manager
Decisive & Customised
Prompt Turnaround

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Let Our Experience Be Your Guide:

Ireland has over 40 pieces of legislation relating to employment law in the Republic of Ireland. In the complex and ever changing legal environment we pride ourselves in giving up to date, concise and clear employment law advise to our clients.

For example the Employment (Provisions Miscellaneous Act) 2018 was enacted in Ireland on the 4 March 2019. This brought about new changes to the issuing of a document outlining the 5 core terms of employment to an employee. The document has to be given no later than 5 days after the commencement of an employee’s employment with the Company. It is still a core requirement under the Terms of Employment (Information) Act, 1994 for you as an employer to issue a contract of employment within the first 2 months of employment. This means you will have to issue 2 documents within certain timeframes. In order to avoid the potential for either document to be forgotten we do advise that to make matters simple for yourself it would be best to issue the contract of employment (which includes the 5 core terms anyway) in advance of employment. This would offer immediate protection to the Company.

The Basics

Legislative and best practise HR Company Documentation
Employment Law Advice & Documentation
Probation & Performance Guidance
Disciplinary & Grievance Guidance
HR Data Protection Guidance
Recruitment Assistance & OPQ Personality Testing
Independent Investigation Services

Training Services

Manual Handling (legislative)
Dignity & Respect at Work Training (legislative)
Group & Management Customised Training


Representation at Mediation, WRC & Labour Court

Additional Services

On-Site HR Support
Document Management System
Wellbeing: Employee Assistance Programme

Contact our team today on 0667102887 or 019014335 to discuss your specific requirements further.