Assistance with Drafting Job Advert

The HR Suite can assist you in drafting your chosen job advert before you advertise your role. This will ensure your advert is compliant with employment equality legislation and it broad to encompass the entirety of the skillset you are seeking to employ.

Screening and Shortlisting

We provide a screening and shortlisting service whereby applications are reviewed in line with your Company requirements to create an interview pool.

Interview Assessment Forms

Our team can assist your organisation with developing a suitable interview and assessment process, with customised interview questions and scoring matrix to ensure the correct fit with your organisation and the role to be filled using open ended and competency questions.

On Site/Virtual Interviewing Assistance

Our competent team of HR Consultants are on hand to participate as a member of your interview panel in first round or second round interviews should the need arise in your recruitment process.

OPQ Testing

We are trained administrators of Ability tests and Occupational Personality Questionnaires which are proven methods for assessing a potential employees critical qualities for the particular role you are hiring for. This is an excellent tool to assist you in making the right appointment before you hire a potential employee to ensure they are the right fit for your organisation.

Reference Checks

The HR Suite can assist with completing the relevant reference checks for your organisation.

Offer Letter

The HR Suite can assist with drafting an appropriate offer letter for your successful candidate.

Contracts of Employment

The project of Contracts and Policies/Handbook is your first step to legislative compliance for onboarding a new starter. The HR Suite have packages available for organisation such as a Contract and Policies Package or a Contract and Handbook Package. Additionally, we can review and amend for current Company Contract and Policies/Handbook documentation to ensure legal compliance.

If you are interested in assistance with your current or future recruitment process or want to know what The HR Suite can do to assist your business please contact us on (066)7102887 or (01)9014335 to discuss.