Benefits To You Outsourcing Your HR to The HR Suite.


    Flexible cost-effective solution to reduce administration costs and free your management team to handle the core business activities.


    Confidentiality, quality and continuity of service.


    Access to an expert team of professionals across all areas of HR with a proven track record.


    Complete assurance in the increasingly complex regulatory environment, that you are fully compliant with all statutory requirements.


    Leverage the expertise of our team who will apply industry best practice to your HR needs.


    Consider us an extra member of your management team on hand to deal with all your HR activities.

HR Best Practice, Approach and Processes

We provide both best practise advice and tailored documentation to assist our clients with their everyday human resource needs. Documentation can include customised contracts, policies, procedures, disciplinary sanctions, etc. which are tailored to our client's specific business needs. All documentation incorporates best practice standards and are up to date with all relevant employment legislation. Our templates are consistently reviewed and updated in line with legislative changes to ensure our clients receive accurate, timely and relevant information.

Contracts of Employment

The Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018 provides that an employer is obliged to issue basic terms of employment within 5 days of commencing work while the Terms of Employment (Information) Acts 1994-2014 provide that an employer is obliged to provide an employee with a written statement of terms of employment within the first 2 months of the commencement of employment. The HR Suite provide customised contracts of employment for your Company, including all legally required terms. Alternatively, should your contracts already be in place The HR Suite can review to ensure legal compliance.

Policies and Procedures

The Workplace Relations Commission has a Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures which states that employers should have written grievance and disciplinary procedures. These procedures should be given to employees at the start of their employment. Under the Unfair Dismissals Acts 1977-2015 employers are required to give the employee in written notice of the procedures to be followed before an employee is dismissed. This must be done within 28 days of entering the contract of employment. The HR Suite can provide your business with customised policies and procedures including both legally required policies (disciplinary and grievance) and best practise essential policies. Alternatively, should your policies and procedures already be in place The HR Suite can review to ensure legal compliance going forward.

Disciplinary Procedures

The HR Suite can facilitate the full management of the disciplinary procedure to ensure adherence to fair procedures and the rules of natural justice in line with legislation. Full documentation is provided.

Performance Management

The HR Suite can provide your organisation with advice, assistance and documentation for conducting performance reviews, in addition to the management of the probationary period. The management of these processes ensures that your business gets the most out of your employees and clear objectives and measurements are set for the period ahead.

Employee Assistance Programme

The HR Suite offers an Employee Assistance Programme. An Employee Assistance Programme is a proactive, low cost, support programme with the objectives of supporting the employee and/or managers/ supervisors whose health or wellbeing is being adversely affected by conditions inside or outside of work. The EAP allows employees avail of a range of professionals to help with any issues that may arise. Employees can contact the service in confidence via e mail or telephone. They will be able to avail of the following through the EAP service:

Face to Face counselling - up to 6 sessions
Telephone counselling
Email/Online counselling

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of services employees can avail of and there are numerous sources of information available within the EAP. By offering an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) you will allow your employees access information and support that they need, to help them gain a better work-life balance.

There are also many benefits to the employer in introducing an EAP. As employees have access to a resource that can remedy issues and potentially reduce stress, it can help reduce absenteeism or even turnover. As a result, the business will have a happier, more productive workplace. Contact us for more information on implementing an EAP in your business.

Organisational Change, Restructuring and Redundancy

The HR Suite advise in all aspects of organisational and workforce restructuring, including the complex areas of transfer of undertakings and redundancies. In addition The HR Suite can provide assistance in negotiation, the implementation of redundancies and calculation of redundancy entitlements, including preparation of all documentation.

Business Advice

We assist clients when they are considering taking over new businesses by conducting a full transfer of undertakings analysis for them. This outlines the possible issues associated with the transfer. We also assist the sellers in preparing their business to make it more attractive to the prospective buyer. A further feature of this service is the general business reviews and analysis we provide based on our expertise and offer business advice to our clients on an on-going basis.

Business Strategy and Development

We have conducted a number of Strategic Development Workshops which set out goals and objectives for all staff in order for the organisation to develop and be successful. Many clients have an understanding of where they want to bring their business and with our Strategic Development Workshops we can assist them in setting clear measurable targets in order to achieve their vision and share this with their team through improved consultation, involvement and communication.

Payroll and Productivity Analysis

We assist clients in reviewing their current productivity and costs. We meet with the clients and review all pertinent payroll and productivity information and assist them in preparing better rostering systems in order to enable them deliver on key KPI's for their business. For example, we have saved a retail client up to E110,000 from the businesses annual payroll between the two stores without compromising on customer service. At the same time this helped increase the productivity of staff and resources, which is a net saving for the business.

Excellence Through People Accreditation

The HR Suite have achieved the Excellence Through People accreditation, which is the National Human Resource Management Standard. This is a detailed process which involves implementing a clear business strategy and aligning people and processes to these standards. It is of huge benefit to every organisation in that it improves communication and assists in focusing the company's and its staff to success. As the application process is quite detailed, we assist our clients in applying for the Excellence Through People accreditation and implementing the procedures necessary to achieve it.

Absence Management.

The HR Suite can assist in reducing the costs of absenteeism in your organisation. We provide proactive advice regarding managing absence both long and short term, tackling presenteeism and providing employees assistance during difficult times in life's journey.


The HR Suite can help your business ensure compliance to all legislation and best practice industry standards. Are you prepared for your inspection? Call us to be completely prepared for your upcoming inspection.


The HR Suite can help your business ensure compliance to all legislation and best practice industry standards. Are you prepared for your inspection? Call us to be completely prepared for your upcoming inspection.

If you are interested in our HR Consultancy service or want to know what The HR Suite can do for your business please contact us on (066)7102887 to discuss.