Employee Relations

The HR Suite has many service offerings available that can complement your current HR Team. These come in a two-pronged approach; firstly, we can audit your existing offering to ensure that you are up date with all new employment law changes. In addition to this, we are aware that there are many situations in the HR world where you require an independent third party and we would love to be your trusted partner in these situations and support you through any difficult investigations or third-party representations. An independent party can bring peace of mind by adding integrity and security to your internal processes.

Specific Services under this area include:

  • Contracts of Employment/ Policies and Procedures implementation or review
  • Representation at Third Party Forum/Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Law Advice and Training
  • Investigation Services
  • Dispute resolution such as Mediation Services

HR Strategy

If you are looking for ways to boost your HR Strategy, keep those stars you have worked hard to onboard and ensure that you are the forefront of people's mind when they think of companies they want to work with, we have the answers for you. We can provide many services to help you design, develop or reinvent your HR Strategy which include guiding your through the process of becoming a Great Place to Work and achieving accreditation, putting in place Development programs and ensuring that you have the most effective Organisation structure in place.

Specific Services under this area include:

  • Development or Review of your HR Strategy
  • HR Awards - Great Place to Work Accreditation
  • OPQ Testing for Recruitment and Development
  • Tailored Training Course
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Performance Management & Development


Your Recruitment process is key to ensuring you attract, onboard and retain the right talent for your company. The HR Suite can conduct a Recruitment Audit where we will review your current recruitment and selection process and, from the output of this, we will assist you in creating or reviewing your recruitment strategy to ensure you have the most effective processes in place to become pro-active in your approach and start receiving consistent results. We can also provide project support where we will help you interview and select for a particular position.

Specific Services under this area include:

  • Recruitment Audit
  • Recruitment Strategy review or development
  • Interview support
  • Recruitment Training