Professional Representation

We provide regular employment law updates to our clients to ensure they are kept informed through both a newsletter and webinar format. Be sure to join our newsletter list at the bottom of this page to avail of our regular updates and be informed of our upcoming events and webinars.

Investigation Services

The HR Suite provides a full investigation service for bullying and harassment complaints, disciplinary and/or grievance investigations, and other work place investigations.

Investigation Guidance

The HR Suite provides a full advice and templates for usage internally for your business to conduct an internal investigation.

WRC Inspections

The HR Suite can complete a mock audit for your business with a full report issued back to the client outlining legislative recommendations for remedying. Similarly, we assist clients in rectification work after a WRC Inspection in advance of Compliance Notices.

Mediation Service

Caroline McEnery is an accredited mediators with the Mediators Institute of Ireland and can assist your business with mediation if chosen as a route of resolving an internal concern.

WRC and Labour Court Representation

The HR Suite have expert professionals who provide representation for our clients at third party forums such as the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court. We prepare submissions and attend with clients on the hearing day in person or via a virtual means in light of COVID19.

If you are interested in our employment law advice or want to know what The HR Suite can do to assist your business please contact us on (066)7102887 or (01)9014335 to discuss.