Celebrating You

The Free workbook, entitled "Celebrating You", is available to download (as a PDF) or as an online EBook and it is hoped it will be used to motivate discussions around diversity and inclusivity - both at home and at work.

While the book is FREE, we would encourage those who download it to donate to Enable Ireland, which works to enable and empower children and adults with disabilities to achieve independence, choice and inclusion. To donate please click on the Enable Ireland image below (Please add HR Suite in the message field when donating). All donations to Enable Ireland gratefully received .

The book is aimed at teachers, parents and guardians who can read it as a storybook to children to spark conversations around various topics.

It is also hoped that other companies will use it as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes.

'Celebrating You' was the brainchild of The HR Suite founder Caroline Reidy.

She says: "When our 10th anniversary was coming up, I wanted do something different that would give something back to the community in a positive way. We have received so much support over the ten years since we were in business that I wanted to show how grateful we were by doing some good for society."