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The HR Suite is managed by Caroline McEnery who has over 20 years' experience in providing HR Services to business throughout Ireland. Here we will aim to provide you with a wealth of invaluable knowledge for your business. If you need specific information for your business please call us on one of our expert HR consultants can be of assistance to you.

The purpose of an apprenticeship is to train a worker to become skilled in a particular trade. Apprenticeships are conducted by blending classroom learning with practical work experience.

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Budget 2021 is certainly historic. In responding to the unprecedented challenges of COVID19, it is focused primarily on protecting jobs for the coming year, as well as providing significant increases in resources for public services to cope with additional demands. What does Budget 2021 mean for you, your business and your employees?

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The next instalment in our ‘Restructuring Series’ is a Guide on Short-Time. Employers who are experiencing difficult trading conditions occasionally find themselves in a situation where they are unable to provide their employees with sufficient work to fill their contractual hours. In these circumstances, you may wish to reduce employees’ hours for a temporary period until trade improves. This reduction in hours can take the form of short-time working. Download our Free Guide now for guidance on how to manage this process.

This guide is not intended as legal advice. For tailored employment law advice surrounding restructuring The HR Suite can assist your business to ensure you comply with the relevant legislation, following a fair procedure and protecting all parties.

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We absolutely understand and appreciate that businesses are going through challenges at this point in time due to COVID19 repercussions. The HR Suite guide clients through the process of redundancy in order to avoid the risk of a claim.

Is your business looking at short term and long term strategies for restructuring? Will your strategy potentially include redundancy? If so, are you certain of your legal obligations as an employer to avoid the common pitfalls of the process to reduce your liability of a claim?

An unfair redundancy process that does not comply with relevant legislation can lead to an employee taking a case under the Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 where they can be awarded up to two years’ salary.

This guide is not intended as legal advice. For tailored employment law advise for a genuine redundancy business case The HR Suite can assist your business to ensure it complies with the relevant legislation following a fair procedure, protecting all parties to the redundancy.

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