Business Solutions.

Many organisations have some idea of their destination but are unsure about which path to take. Using our strategic development tools, The HR Suite assists companies in setting clear, measurable targets in order to achieve their vision. The following is an overview of the Business Solutions provided by The HR Suite team to both start-up and long-established companies.

Business Coaching and Mentoring.

Building on your strengths, tackling your weaknesses, and seeking out opportunities to boost your business performance.

Business Planning, Strategy and Development.

Helping companies devise their strategy and achieve their objectives through formulation of business plans, facilitation of management meetings and strategic development sessions.

Start-Up Advice.

Practical knowledge and advice for start-up companies to assist development and progression.

Cost, Control and Efficiency.

Analysis of costs, efficiency and productivity to increase savings.

The Quad - The HR Suite Business Tool.

Introduction of the Quad to your company - an effective business tool for the identification and continuous measurement of key performance indicators.

Customer and Market Research.

Organisation and coordination of customer focus groups, the 'mystery shopper' service, and customer satisfaction surveys, with analysis and detailed reports provided.

If you are interested in our Business Solutions or want to know what The HR Suite can do for your business please contact us on (066)7102887 to discuss.