Start Your Own Business


Any entrepreneur who believes he/she/they has a viable business opportunity.


This course is designed to provide insight into whether you are suited to the world of self-employment, the types of structures available to you and your idea and the ways in which your idea may be developed


Module 1 Assessing Your Skills & Offering To The Market
1. Self-Employment
2. Idea Generation
3. Analysing The Environment
4. Running Your Own Business

Module 2 Business Structure
1. Sole Trader, Limited Company, Partnership
2. Franchising
3. Charity
4. Tax
5. VAT
6. Insurance
7. Entitlements
8. Your New Culture
9. Teamwork
10. A Learning Organisation
11. What If It Doesn’t Work?
12. Top Tips

Module 3 Market Research
1. Methods Of Market Research
2. Idea Validation
3. Customer Analysis
4. Competitor Analysis
5. Positioning
6. Marketing

Module 4 Financials
1. Setting up in business
2. Business structure
3. Records
4. Companies Registration Office (CRO)
5. Tax Registration
1. Income Tax (IT) Universal Social Charge (USC) &
2. Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI)
3. Corporate Tax (CT)
4. Value Added Tax (VAT)
5. PAYE/PRSI & Employer Obligations
6. Social Welfare Supports

Module 5 Work in Progress Session
1. Business Plan

Module 6 Becoming an Employer
1. Legal Compliance
2. Recruitment
3. Managing Your Team
4. Rural Development Programme
5. Business Plan Summary

Module 7 Sales, Marketing & Promotion
1. USP
2. Sales
3. Marketing Strategy
4. Business Communication
5. Promotion & Advertising
6. Internal Marketing
7. Social Networking
8. Customer Evaluation

Module 8 Final Working Session
1. Business Plan


Available in 3 full days or virtual format.


1. Decide if you are suited to self-employment.

2. Gain a greater understanding of the responsibilities of management under employment law legislation.

3. Develop an awareness of what is involved in running your own business.

4. Gain an understanding of how to assess if your idea will work.

5. Learn how to carry out basic market research.

6. Develop skills on how to write a business/action plan.