Managing Absenteeism


Any member of staff who is involved in the management of staff including business owners, managers, line managers, supervisors, HR staff.


On completion of this course participants will have an increased understanding of the company absence policy, be familiar with how to proceed in terms of short term absences, occupational assessments, and termination due to non-adherence to the Company absence procedure and be familiar with how to respond appropriately to a long term grievance contributing to long term absence.


* Please note there will be a review of the client specific policy in advance of the training to customise this training *

Responsibilities under the Safety Health and Welfare Act 2005
What is absenteeism?
Importance of a policy
Review of the policy
Important Considerations & Fair Procedures
Responsibilities of Management
General Principles for Handling Short Term Absences
General Principles for Handling Long Term Absences
Case Law
Inability to return to work
Reasonable accommodation
Top tips


2 Hours


A greater understanding of the importance of managing absences.

An understanding of the importance of a paper trail.

Skills practice and feedback.

A greater understanding of the basic knowledge of dealing with long term absences.