Leadership Development Programme


Senior Managers, Executives, Leaders, Emerging Leaders


This informative and interactive modular development programme is specifically targeted at leaders, to further develop and enhance core leadership skills, with a focus on key behaviours required to be a successful leader.
Learners will be required to complete a D.I.S.C. prior to commencing the programme. This will form the foundation of the development programme and will be referenced throughout the 3 modules:
Module 1 – Leading for Success
Module 2 - Having Powerful Conversations
Module 2 – Resilience in a changing landscape
Module 3 – Collaboration & Emotional Courage


This course will be delivered virtually, and the facilitator will encourage collaborative group discussions, introduce relevant articles and video clips to further enhance the learning.
Learners will be required to complete pre-reading and post training work.


Upon completion of this modular development programme learners will:
Complete a D.I.S.C.
Gain an insight into their leadership style and areas for continuous improvement
Understand the power of Emotional Intelligence
Understand the leadership behaviours that need to be role modelled in today’s ever changing work landscape
Understand the importance of resilience as a leader under the remit of hybrid working, diversity & inclusion.
Leading by example
Importance of coaching style conversations
Gain an insight into emotional courage and the role its plays in effective leadership
Understand the importance of collaboration and inclusive environments to achieve organisational success


Navigating your way through your Personality Report – key learnings and transferring to a Learning Log
Leadership versus Management
What makes a great leader
Leading in a new and ever-changing landscape
Emotional Intelligence
Developing emotional courage and knowing how to use it
Resilience for Leaders
Coaching using different tools and techniques
Importance of collaboration
Alignment of collaboration & engagement to retain and develop


D.I.S.C. 4 * 2 hr sessions (6 - 8 participants). Virtual Classroom.