With the recent challenges people have faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, some employers may want to put some support in place for employees who may be having difficulties outside of work that they feel they can’t get involved in or help with.

Employers can put supports in place by implementing an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for their staff members, which offers not only emotional support but also information and resources during times of difficulty. The service is designed to help employees with a wide range of work, family and personal issues including but not limited to the following:

Health and well-being
Disability and illness
Bereavement and loss
Elder care
Family issues
Workplace pressure

Through our work as HR Consultants we see how stress and other personal issues can impact on employees, colleagues and organisations. This has become even more prevalent in the past few months. The EAP is provided by the employer at a relatively low cost.

Issues can come up in any type of organisation and we have seen the benefits of the EAP in many different types and sizes of organisations by increasing awareness of employee wellbeing and providing supports for the needs of employees.

The EAP can also be a good option for managers to direct employees to if they come to their manager with issues which are beyond the scope of the manager’s expertise. The EAP is a service that can be used for "in the moment" support whereby an individual can call a helpline if they have a quick query. In a case like this it can be used to question a concern about a family member or colleague or to use the service as a sounding board for themselves. Employees can access the programme free of charge, and with confidentiality guaranteed.

For those who would like to work towards resolution of an issue employees can avail of clinical counselling with the EAP service which can be over the phone or face to face. Counselling, like any other health interventions, is not an answer for all issues but the majority of issues can be addressed by the service.

If an individual presents with a psychological issue e.g. depression or any other issue that requires medical attention or an ongoing issue that cannot be addressed within EAP counselling - because it is a long-term or critical issue - the programme provides immediate emotional support and advice on what is available in the community and encourages them to attend their GP.

The HR Suite can help you set up an Employee Assistance Programme through our provider at an affordable cost. If you have any queries please give us a call on (066)7102887.